"Other Dimensions" by Kim McElroy  In my previous story Riding Wisdom, I wrote about how I began to learn about Equine Assisted personal growth.  The one experience I‘d had from Epona Approved Instructor Leigh Shambo’s workshop had left me anxious for more. Somehow I knew that at some deep level that this work was the only way I could […][ Read More → ]


Kim creating artWinner of  the Honorable Mention Award in the 2008 Angel Horses with a Mission True Story Contest   For over twenty years I have been an artist who seeks to define horses in my art and portray them with an awareness of their sentience and spiritual gifts. Though I had faith in the truth of […][ Read More → ]



My favorite horse as a child at the only riding stable within a day's drive The earthly horse expresses itself in many beautiful forms, shapes, and sizes. Yet when seen through an artist’s eyes –other aspects and elements of horse spirits can be revealed.   I have loved horses from the time I could remember, and I have drawn them from the time I could hold a crayon.  I was […][ Read More → ]


"Longing" pastel by Kim McElroyWhen I was a child, I wanted to be a wild horse. I galloped on my hands and knees. My hair became a long horse’s mane, my expressions conveyed my emotions. I snorted and whinnied to call my herdmates. I painted horses in a similar way. When I drew a horse, I was the horse. […][ Read More → ]


Good Morning
"Good Morning" Prints Available at www.spiritofhorse.com“To see her is to love her, And love but her forever, For Nature made her what she is.” ~ Robert Barns As my friend and I drove into the small town of Dubois, Wyoming, I thought for a moment on the path that had brought me here.  She had invited me to join her […][ Read More → ]


Portrait of President Reagan's Arabian Stallion El Alamein by Kim McElroy Prints and Posters available at www.spiritofhorse.comIn 1981 Jose’ Lopez Portillo, the President of Mexico, presented an inauguration gift to President Ronald Reagan of an Arabian Stallion named El Alamein. Years later, a family friend sent me pictures of President Reagan’s beautiful white stallion, and I hoped to one day paint him. In the fall of 1994, I hired a public […][ Read More → ]


Kim and Mystico