Reflective e-inspiration 2  “A strange stillness dwells in the eye of the horse, a composure that appears to regard the world from a measured distance…It is a gaze from the depths of a dream.” – Hans~Heinrich Isenbart             One day a little girl came to visit my farm. She had never seen horses up close before, and […][ Read More → ]


"Other Dimensions" by Kim McElroy  In my previous story Riding Wisdom, I wrote about how I began to learn about Equine Assisted personal growth.  The one experience I‘d had from Epona Approved Instructor Leigh Shambo’s workshop had left me anxious for more. Somehow I knew that at some deep level that this work was the only way I could […][ Read More → ]


Kim creating artWinner of  the Honorable Mention Award in the 2008 Angel Horses with a Mission True Story Contest   For over twenty years I have been an artist who seeks to define horses in my art and portray them with an awareness of their sentience and spiritual gifts. Though I had faith in the truth of […][ Read More → ]



My favorite horse as a child at the only riding stable within a day's drive The earthly horse expresses itself in many beautiful forms, shapes, and sizes. Yet when seen through an artist’s eyes –other aspects and elements of horse spirits can be revealed.   I have loved horses from the time I could remember, and I have drawn them from the time I could hold a crayon.  I was […][ Read More → ]


"Longing" pastel by Kim McElroyWhen I was a child, I wanted to be a wild horse. I galloped on my hands and knees. My hair became a long horse’s mane, my expressions conveyed my emotions. I snorted and whinnied to call my herdmates. I painted horses in a similar way. When I drew a horse, I was the horse. […][ Read More → ]


Good Morning
"Good Morning" Prints Available at“To see her is to love her, And love but her forever, For Nature made her what she is.” ~ Robert Barns As my friend and I drove into the small town of Dubois, Wyoming, I thought for a moment on the path that had brought me here.  She had invited me to join her […][ Read More → ]


Kim and Mystico